Monday, 18 February 2013

Showcasing Sacada

Let it not be said that the team here don’t work hard to make your holiday as near perfect as possible. We put a lot of planning and effort into making sure all our guests enjoy the unique Lazydays treatment we’re known for: our hand-picked villas which come complete with gorgeous interiors, comfy mattresses and your breakfast cooked for you by one of our cooks. And that’s just for starters.We said in our first blog we would introduce you slowly to all out properties which brings us to 

Luxury doesn’t mean large (or should that say size does matter?)

As you will be aware by now we have some amazing LARGE luxury villas on our books but we said to ourselves hey why should all the fun, atmospheric, and seriously luxurious places be exclusively for larger groups

So we went on the hunt for something small but perfect, something smart and chic, something incredibly comfortable. We all love a challenge and believe me this was quite a challenge.

Don’t get us wrong there are some great hotel rooms available now in Goa but we are not about hotel rooms……..

Our specifications were exacting it had to be very central to the coastal belt, spacious yet homely, sophisticated yet totally user friendly.
Sacada ticks all the boxes as far as we are concerned with its “Manhattan comes to Goa” style and d├ęcor. Sacada is RIGHT in the heart of Candolim, local eateries include Over the Flames, Chef Souymens Kitchen and Travel Bar to name just a few.

Sacada was the chosen Honeymoon Hideaway for Sudha and Mandar from Bangalore who loved it so much Sudha joined the company and is now Lazydays’ Head of Sales India!!

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Our very first blog

Hello and welcome to the Lazydays in Goa blog. We are a specialist villa rental company here in Goa, India.Glad you could join us. It’s our first blog and we’re a little nervous. You know how it is.
We have a selection of some of the best vacation villas in Goa watch this blog and we will introduce to each one personally week by week.

We love Goa. We’re hoping you do too. Or you soon will. It’s a magical place that keeps drawing people back. No matter how many times you visit – and it’s very easy to lose count – there’s always something new to do, a new place to visit, new friends to make. But then again, you can always just put your feet up and relax by the pool. That’s the whole point – you take Goa at your own pace, do things your way, on your own terms.

Sue and Linda here at Lazydays loved Goa so much that it became their home, and Lazydays their obsession. You’ll probably meet them at some point during your stay if you’ve booked a Lazydays villa – they insist on meeting all their guests as soon as they can to make sure everything’s perfect. They also insist on hand-picking all their properties themselves (they’re pretty amazing), and making sure all those little extras are on hand when you need them. Nothing more annoying than not having a corkscrew exactly when you need one!
Once you’ve arrived in Goa, you are absolutely spoilt for choice for things to do. If you’ve been to Goa before you’re probably familiar with the spice plantations, the Portuguese heritage, the beaches, the markets, the wildlife sanctuaries, the shops, the restaurants, the bars… Or you can choose to take things easier, basking in the never-ending sunshine, maybe watching the odd flock of parrots as they fly overhead. Obviously for Lazydays’ guests, Sue and Linda insist (they do a lot of that) on making sure you’re provided with a comprehensive fact sheet so you can plan your days. Or not.
Never has the phrase “the world is your oyster” felt so appropriate!That really is the amazing thing about spending time in Goa. It’s fabulous, intoxicating and just a little bit addictive.  We’re hooked. How about you?